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Zirkul is the tool for keeping your AppSec and TVM programs under control.


One tool to rule them all


Zirkul is an Application Security Orchestration and Correlation solution (ASOC) designed for CICD.

Security assessments tracking

Manage all your Pentest, DAST, SAST, SCA, IAS, RASP, Mobile, Network scans and more in one place.


Assignable assessments and issues, comments, screenshots and automated notifications.

Security policy compliance

Remediation policies, custom severities, data classification, vulnerability definitions and assessment SLAs.

Metrics & reporting

Import data from the tools you use and generate consolidated reports and metrics for getting credit of your progress easily.

Vulnerability tracking

Remediation workflow boosted with automated follow-ups and tracking features.

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For AppSec teams:

With Zirkul you can:

Keep your applications inventory up to date with our CMDB tools integrations.

Manage security assessments including Pentests, DAST, SAST, IAST/RASP, SCA, Mobile and Network Scans.

Customize assessment SLAs, remediation and severity policies.

Track all vulnerabilities with no duplicates, screenshots, comments and notifications.

Risk under control with security exceptions and false positives management.

Generate reports for metrics with fully granular filters.

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For Software Developers:

With Zirkul you can:

Forget about dealing with PDF reports and centralize all the security issues in a single place.

Get issues synchronized with issue trackers.

Request details, send comments and request retests to security with ease.

Request exceptions for issues that need to be removed from your backlog.

Challenge issues suspected to be false positives.

Automate your processes with our REST API.

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For DevOps teams:

With Zirkul you can:

Trigger security scans directly from your pipelines.

Synchronize issues automatically when a scan is completed.

Use our REST API for custom implementations.

Implement security gate policies dealing with one single tool instead of many.

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Pricing for all needs


$49 .95

Per target per month billed annually


Up to 5 users

Targets inventory

Assessments management

Vulnerability tracking

Reports and metrics


$99 .95

Per target per month billed annually


Everything in Basic

Up to 10 users

CICD integration

Third party integrations

REST API access

Groups and custom policies



Per server per month billed annually


Everything in Pro

Unlimited targets

Unlimited users

Dedicated infrastructure

Custom domain

Premium support

All features

Basic Pro Enterprise
Users < 5 < 10 Custom
Targets inventory
Security Assessments Tracking
Vulnerability Tracking
Data imports
Data export & reports
Security exceptions
False positive challenges
Shared files
CICD integration
API access
Third party Integrations
Custom severity policies
Remediation policies
Custom domain
Dedicated infrastructure
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